Under 13 student signature changes within the Pre-Participation Registration Module (9.18.17)

The Pre-Participation Registration Module just got easier for parents with students UNDER the age of 13! We’ve added the ability for parents to tell the system that their student is under the age of 13 and complete the forms without student signatures required to submit for school approval.

For Parents who do not already have a PlanetHS or ArbiterAthlete account:
Here are the steps to be taken by the parent to designate their student is UNDER the age of 13:
  1. Go to www.planeths.com (If you are an Arbiter customer, go to www.arbiterathlete.com)
  2. Create a parent account
  3. They will be prompted to link accounts. On the link account prompt, they will now see a link to designate their student is under the age of 13. They click the My student is under the age of 13 link.
  4. They will be prompted to enter their student’s First Name and Last Name. Click Submit.
  5. From here, the Pre-Participation Registration Process will be the same for the parents. After they complete a form and click the Submit for Approval button, the form will be sent to the school staff for approval as no student signature will be required during the Under 13 process.

For Parents who already created a PlanetHS/ArbiterAthlete account and linked with an UNDER 13 student:
Parents who have a PlanetHS/ArbiterAthlete account and are already to linked to an under 13 student, will not have to take any further steps. Our system will detect that the student is under the age of 13 based off the date of birth designated when creating an account. If the system detects the student is under the age of 13, once a parent completes a form and clicks the submit for approval button, the system will not require the under 13 student to sign the form. This will move each form to pending staff approval.

Signature Requirement Details Box
We've also added a blue box at the top of each form that the school, parents, and students can see to provide signature requirement details, per form. This will help with any confusion in regards to each forms’ signature requirements.

Posted: Friday - 09/15/2017 at 02:09 PM
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