What is PlanetHS?

PlanetHS develops cloud-based software to streamline the athlete pre-participation registration and eligibility process for thousands of high school athletic departments. Athletic directors use PlanetHS to dramatically reduce the time it takes to onboard student-athletes each year. With a paperless PlanetHS system, athletic organizations can eliminate errors, ensure compliance and improve overall user experience for students and parents. Recognized by the NSBA as one of the most innovative companies in 2016, PlanetHS is trusted by more than half a million users for its security and ease of use.

We know that...

Each year you face the time-consuming task of ensuring the eligibility of your student athletes, starting with the pre-participation registration process. With a paperless PlanetHS system, athletic organizations can eliminate common errors, ensure compliance, improve the user experience for students and parents and dramatically reduce the time it takes to onboard athletes each year.

Reduce time, costs and workload

  • Fully digital online solution eliminates paper, copying, filing
  • Cuts review time by providing greater accuracy up front
  • Eliminates the need for phone calls to clarify information

Improve data accuracy

  • System helps prevent input mistakes or omissions
  • Forms require completion of all requested information
  • System includes a 10-year data archive

Flexible platform

  • Students and parents can complete forms online and upload files
  • AD receives daily email notification of pending forms needing approval
  • Ability to add custom school-level forms and reports
  • Notes may be added to individuals by ADs, coaches, and athletic trainers

Protect student information

  • Technology is HIPAA and FERPA compliant
  • Forms can be viewed securely by designated ADs, coaches, and athletic trainers
  • Solution produces an ongoing audit log of activity
  • Trust proven, scalable technology

Comprehensive solution

  • Use ready-made online pre-participation forms recommended by your state's office
  • Includes CDC real-time concussion Information and consent
  • Forms are translatable into over 80 languages

Improve user experience

  • Responsive on all browser-capable devices
  • Simplifies the registration process for students, parents and staff
  • Helps users provide the needed information


"The PlanetHS online software solution is the only platform approved by our league for online student athlete pre-participation registration, eligibility submission and transfer management." Jerome Singleton, Director at the South Carolina High School League (SCHSL).

"PlanetHS not only makes my job easier, but the software makes sure that I don't make any mistakes." Hal McManus, Athletic Director, Boiling Springs High School, Spartanburg, SC

Who We Are

The management, staff and directors of PlanetHS have been using their experience and expertise to find practical solutions to many of the real day to day problems of schools since 2008.

You can read more about our team here.

Contact us to learn more about how you can handle pre-participation registration and eligibility for your student athletes online through PlanetHS. For information, email sales@bigteams.com or see the Help Docs.